The Photography


Photography is an important element to our production. Our team has worked hard to identify stunning visual images that serve as the backdrop to the show's moving dialogue. Sure, there are hundreds of images of the Pennsylvania Station in the public domain and online. Go ahead, go google it. However, we have identified over 500 images taken by five talented photographers,  many that have never been published or exhibited. As a collection of awe-inspiring photographs and some matter-of-fact pictures, we have assembled a curated catalog that documents the demolition of the late, great Pennsylvania Station. Below, we share biographies and information on our photography friends. Their support and enthusiasm for the project is humbling and we are proud to call them our partners and most importantly, new friends.  

Norman McGrath

Born in London and educated in Dublin, McGrath was educated as a structural engineer. He moved to NYC in 1956 and transitioned into architectural photography. His work has been featured in every major architectural publication. More   

Ziel 1.jpg

Ron Ziel

A Long Island native and international authority on railroad history and Pratt Institute Art School alum. Ziel worked in newspapers and magazines and commuted daily through Penn Station before, during and after the demolition.  More