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This weekend we launched a 40-day Kickstarter Campaign with a $20,000 end goal to help the production support an upcoming showcase run in New York City.  

We are very excited to be offering our backers one-of-a-kind gifts designed to reflect the show’s focus: photography, rail travel, and the Old Pennsylvania Station.  Show Producer Cassie Farrelly says, “New York has always been a place where creativity thrives. The original Penn Station embodied this appreciation for art, The Eternal Space celebrates this achievement and our backing gifts are truly one of a kind – just like the play and the city it honors.”

Since a centerpiece of the production is photography, renowned architectural photographer, Norman McGrath is offering signed, original prints direct from his impressive catalogue. His photography is a critical element of the stage production.

The urban-enthusiast’s blog Untapped Cities will host a Penn Station walking tour open only to Kickstarter backers. Attendees with have the chance to discover, first-hand, old Penn Station remnants scattered throughout the current station. Included is a gathering after the tour for a drink and conversation with the tour leaders and the show’s creator.

Click through the image to see our Kickstarter page!

Click through the image to see our Kickstarter page!

Etsy needlepoint sensation Carsonzickersham has designed and crafted limited edition Penn Station Eagle samplers. Since there were twenty-two eagles removed from the Station’s facade, the designers are making twenty-two framed samplers and breaking the mold. 

Comic and Letterpress artist Courtney Zell will be designing a production poster using Norman McGrath’s actual contact sheets from his Penn Station collection. The poster will be used for the showcase run but Kickstarter backers will have the chance to get their own limited-edition poster first. The poster will be signed by the playwright, Justin Rivers. 

“Kickstarter is a natural fit for The Eternal Space since our project’s every step has been a group effort. I’m excited and honored to team up with Untapped Cities, Norman McGrath, Courtney Zell and Carsonzickersham to provide unique backer gifts that reflect both our show and our appreciation, ” said The Eternal Space playwright Justin Rivers.

The Eternal Space is a two-man play that begins with a coincidental meeting in 1963 in New York’s Pennsylvania Station. This chance meeting launches a three-year debate about progress, preservation, and posterity as one man fights to keep the station standing while the other is instrumental in taking it down. Using original photography from the journalists who documented the station’s destruction and recreations of broadcast recordings as powerful backdrops to the story, the show charts an unlikely friendship through the social and cultural upheavals of the mid-1960s.

Previously, the show has had four developmental readings, one of which at the Manhattan’s Center for Architecture/AIANY as part of the demolition’s 50th anniversary remembrance.  Rick Bell, Executive Director of AIANY called the play’s dialogue “scintillating” and went onto say, “The Eternal Space dramatizes the conflicts between those who would replace our architectural legacy in the name of progress, and those whose frame of reference carries heavy intellectual baggage. Is reconciliation possible?” Bell finished by saying The Eternal Space was a play  “that makes you think twice about what we take for granted." Additional readings were held at Fordham Lincoln Center and The Tank NYC in the past twenty-two months. 

Please consider contributing and you can help our show have an Off-Broadway run!

Click Here to Visit Our Kickstarter Page