Last week I mentioned that The Eternal Space was chosen to be part of the New York Transit Museum’s Platform performance event and I’m happy to report that we’ve been scheduled for the evening of April 1st at 6:30. The museum describes Platform as “an open mic night for historians and urbanists… a show-and-tell for their creative musings on mass transit.”

I met up with the coordinator of the event last Tuesday morning and we scoured the museum for the best performance space. For those who may not know, the Transit Museum occupies the refurbished 1936 Court Street subway station in downtown Brooklyn. The lower level is the station platform, occupied on both sides by historic subway cars that people are allowed to go in and out of at their leisure. Most of the evening’s performances will take place inside those cars. 

Our thirty-minute select scene will be read on the station platform between the old 1963 World’s Fair shuttle train (which left from Penn Station) and a 1933 BMT train car that is worth a look all on its own. We’ll be using restored Grand Central waiting room benches as audience seating and the photographs will likely be cast on one of the historic train cars.

Clyde Baldo and Matt Pilieci will reprise their roles as Joseph Lanza and Paul Abbot with technical direction by Rome Brown and stage directions read by Dan Stern.

For those who are local and want a sneak peek at the show this is an awesome opportunity in a unique space. Tickets are $15 but if you enter the code CREATE10 when you purchase the tickets from NYTM’S Platform page, you can snag them for $10. That’s quite a deal considering there will be ten other artists across several media also on hand to enjoy that evening.

Click through to this page for more info and the opportunity to purchase tickets. If you plan on attending let me know, I’d love to say hi.